Justice is What You Get


Set in Gilded Age San Francisco, Justice is What You Get is a literary novel told in prose and pictures that explores the concept of social justice gone insane.

San Francisco, 1905. Judy Blaustein is a beautiful socialite with a sordid past. A Finnish immigrant and former prostitute, she now publishes the reform paper The Sentinel to right the social wrongs she suffered in her youth. The wife of a rich invalid, she maintains an open affair with the idealistic editor of her paper, Gordon Savoy, a social crusader blunted by addiction and haunted by tragedy.
A murder case catches their attention: the brutal strikebreaker Jericho Dill has accidentally killed a thirteen year old prostitute and been condemned to hang. His last-minute pardon is the last straw for Judy, who chooses to share a terrible secret with Savoy: the dead girl was the daughter Judy abandoned at birth.

Together they embark on a crusade to bring Jericho Dill to justice at all costs, but their good intentions spiral disastrously out of control. The ensuing catastrophe begs the timely question: Can enough wrongs ever make a right?